Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cozy Comfort

Because sometimes sleeping on the pillows just isn't good enough.

(That's one of my Chihuahuas, Gypsy, snuggling between two pillows.)


  1. Oh, Gypsy, you so funny! I have a cat who loves to burrow under blankets and stay there for hours. Honestly, I don't know how he breathes under there.

    I hope you always check for Gypsy before slamming your head down on your pillows! I always have to check the couch blankets for lumps, lest I flatten Lucky.

  2. Marvin - Thanks!

    Spleeness - That's the sound I make when they do cute things too. :)

    Kathy - Both my chihuahuas burrow under blankets and pillows all the time. And because they are so small, sometimes it's hard to find them when I'm wondering where they're hiding. We always carefully pat any blankets before sitting down or picking them up. They've been accidentally rolled out of a blanket once or twice before! :)