Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Motorcycle Mayhem, Part II

I just got my motorcycle permit!  Woohoo!  Look at me, I'm a wild woman. :)  Now I just have to put it to good use and try another bout on the bike. I'm going to be so excited if I can actually learn how to ride a motorcycle.  Of course having to shell out the money to eventually buy a bike and for the insurance won't be as fun, but it will be a necessary evil eventually. There is a motorcycle riding class I'm looking into that a friend took a few years ago and really enjoyed. He took the intermediate course, but I'd need to start from the very bottom!  They stress safety a lot, which I really like.  He said it even makes him drive his car more defensively. 

I'm on a roll with this "taking on the world" thing I started recently.  I've got my eye mapping and eye exam scheduled for this Thursday for my LASIK.  I've been out of my contacts for nearly 2 weeks in preparation for it.  And I should be able to have the surgery done at the end of February.  Hooray, no more contacts or glasses!  That's going to be especially appealing after being stuck in my glasses for so many weeks.  I was also finally able to decide on a design for a tattoo, and I have a friend who knows a tattoo artist from a local shop who is going to give us a great deal on tattoos.  So now I'm even going to get a tattoo!  Two, actually.  I've thought about getting one for several years now, but never seriously considered it because I just couldn't decide on what to get and where to get it.  I don't want to have something I'm going to regret in a few years, or something that won't be relevant to me in 30 to 50 years.

So here I am, tackling tattoos, LASIK, and motorcycles all in a short span of time.  If they weren't things I'd thought about and wanted for several years I'd be worried I might be having a mid-life crisis. I told my friend that if I come home with a red convertible sports car she needs to plan an intervention. :)


  1. We are not allowed to have tattoos,God says so in the Bible.Motorcycles are very dangerous.And why not ask God to heal your eyes,just lay hands on yourself and pray for it.For mid-life crises,all you need is to be a friend of Jesus and start a relationship with Him if you don't have one.I didn't know women had mid-life crises,but all men without Jesus do.

  2. Barbie, I am already a Christian with a relationship with Jesus and God. But thank you for looking out for me. And I'm not actually having a mid-life crisis. I was kidding. ;)

  3. It keeps happening to,being in a Secret burning with passion love relationship for 4 years in March with an Aspie has affected me this way.

  4. Congratulations! Please ride safely! And good luck with the LASIK and the tattoo!