Sunday, April 24, 2011

Surviving the Battle

Well, I survived two whole weeks at my new job, and I'm still alive and kicking.  Not only that, but I'm not only allowed to come back this week, but I'm actually going to! So far the coworkers are all great, and the customers have been great too.  I haven't been given a hard time about anything, and I haven't even seen any of the customers give any of the other tellers a hard time.  When we get super busy and don't have enough help, the branch manager actually puts in a drawer and helps wait on customers.  Everyone helps everyone in this place.  It's a foreign feeling for me, but I adore it. Finally a company that treats all employees like equals!

We'll be swamped tomorrow with all the deposits from the businesses that were swamped with Spring Breakers and Easter vacationers this weekend! It's going to be a long, long day, but I'm sure I'll handle it with all the grace God has given me. Our head teller, who is also the woman who trained me, will be on vacation all week, so that will be an extra obstacle to work around.  But I imagine we'll all get along just fine.

I hope you all have had a wonderfully blessed Easter!


  1. I'm so glad you like your new job! That's awesome! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Marvin! Although today was a real test. I got all the way to work (a 30 minute drive) before I realized I left my keys at home. :( I have about a billion different keys for work, so I REALLY needed them! Thankfully DH was off today so I could call him to bring them to me.

  3. Hope the job is still going well and customers haven't made you angry yet. ;-)