Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday: Giant Hibiscus Flower in Maui

When my DH and I stayed at the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui several years ago, there were hibiscus plants on the grounds that grew flowers as big as my face!  They were absolutely enormous and so beautiful.  Here's a nice yellow one for Mellow Yellow Monday.


  1. You and Corrina both are hibiscus fanatics. I've got a ton of them in my yard. My wife says they're beautiful. I'll take her word for it... the colors are lost on me.

  2. I could swear I had your email, but apparently not. I'm glad you paid your own way for art school, and it looks like it was a good investment, from your awesome photography! Was that your major? You're good at it. I think a sister of mine majored in sculpture. She's very poor but she keeps trying. She would do better if she'd ditch her lazy husband.

  3. followed you here from MYM...

    hope you can follow me back...


  4. Marvin - They ARE beautiful! :)

    Ewa - Thanks!

    Marvin - :) And nope, I never took photography. I focused on sculpture and ceramics. I looooove pottery. I wish I had my own wheel. *sigh* If I ever get to go back to school to take more classes, I definitely want to take photography.

    Anne - Thanks for visiting!

  5. That is such an amazing flower ... and such a beautiful picture!