Monday, August 23, 2010

Gettin' With the Times

So I've finally moved into the current times (just a little bit) and gotten on Facebook.  It's amazing how fast that thing sucks you in.  At first I was only going to register so I could look at the pictures my family member was posting.  Facebook kept sending me email invites from him, so I broke down and joined. I didn't plan to post any personal information or a picture or anything.  Then I realized there were several of my family members on FB; family I haven't seen in ages and haven't kept in touch with.  So I decided I'd go ahead and add them as friends and then I could at least keep tabs on what's going on with my family.  I added a photo but just one of a scenic view from a trip to Hawaii. 

It snowballed from there until I pretty much had a high-school reunion on my laptop. It's so much fun to see how people are doing now and what they are up to.  And what they look like!  So many of them look exactly the same.  Others look completely different and I can barely recognize them, while others are easily recognizable but have really blossomed and are really beautiful/handsome now. I fall in the category of looking just the same, although several pounds heavier.  I'm about the only one out of the marrieds who doesn't have kids.  It's kind of shocking to see that some of them have kids that aren't just babies, but in elementary school and beyond.  I guess I'm older than I realized.

And I even posted some pictures of myself, although the most recent one is from summer of 2008.  I never realized how few pictures I have of myself.  I'm going to have to remedy that by getting in FRONT of the camera for once.  Let's just hope I can get some flattering ones.  And if not, there's always Photoshop, right?


  1. Just don't start playing "Farmville." It's a "gateway game" to worse things. ;-)

    I was on FB too, though few of my family are. I was there more to keep track of some younger relatives. But they spent most of their time posting pictures of people I didn't know, and insulting each other on their walls. So I eventually dropped out. It was just easier to call or email them occasionally.

  2. I was slow to warm up to Facebook too but have really enjoyed (much to my surprise) catching up with everyone. Now I rely on it more than I expected. Welcome to FB!

  3. Marvin - I've heard about Farmville. Isn't that where you HAVE to play it every day or your farm dies or something? That would be annoying. I'm hoping to avoid any FB drama. I'll be deleting anyone who gets annoying!

    Spleeness - It's been nice to reconnect with old friends. It's fun to see where everyone ended up living, who they ended up marrying, and where they went to college.

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