Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Hint of Fall

After a long, hot summer I'm really glad to have a few nights where the temperatures drop below roasting.  Every chance I get I turn the AC off and open the windows so I can finally have some fresh air in the house and enjoy the cooler temperatures.  It's a shame they don't hang around any longer than they do.  This is the time of year that I get to enjoy these teasing hints of fall and long for autumn when I enjoy the weather all day long, and not just from midnight to dawn.  It won't be long before those days are here. And they'll last about an instant before it starts getting TOO cold and I whine about that instead of whining about the heat.

I love the idea of having four seasons each year - a complete fall, winter, spring and summer.  Down here it seems we skip spring and fall and just have a quick transition from summer to winter.  I'd love to live in a small town somewhere that has a nice crisp fall, with changing leaves and fall festivals complete with hay rides, bonfires, pumpkin patches and all that fun stuff.  But that same magic place would probably have horribly long, cold, snowy winters.  Yuck!  Snow is okay once in a blue moon so long as it doesn't last more than a day or two and doesn't happen every year.  But every winter, all winter?  No thanks!


  1. I miss fall, the cascading leaves sifting from the trees, the smell of burning leaves, the wet, the dark, the mud. I miss pumpkins and hot chocolate. I miss the chill of the night air, bundling up in warm clothes, snuggling under blankets.

    I miss snow and ice, too. But I don't miss other people's inability to drive in it.

    I love living in the jungle. And, you only need one set of clothes in the closet - thin, light ones.

    If we move back to a colder climate, it will be because she wants to, not because I do. ;-)

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Even though its still very hot here I am seeing signs of the leaves changing...and I can't wait for those crisp autumn days... but it makes me a little sad because I hate winter.

  3. Marvin - Oh yes, I forgot to mention burning leaves and the smell of a neighbor's wood fireplace burning. Hot chocolate and apple cider, mmmm...

    VetTech - It is bittersweet, isn't it? You want it to get here so you can enjoy it, but you know it will pass way too quickly and then the dreaded winter will reign for about 4 times longer than it should!

  4. I know you're busy, these days. I got spoiled, in months past, with your daily posts. ;-)