Monday, September 13, 2010

Exercise is Dangerous to My Health

A few weeks ago I started back up with an exercise routine. I'd been way too lazy for way too long and it was really working out nicely this time. Instead of doing everything on my own and getting bored or in a rut, I started going to a friend's house. He and several of his friends had already been working out regularly in the evenings and I joined in with the group.

Sam is in great shape and really loves working out. He really ought to be a personal trainer. He leads our group and we never know what to expect when we show up in his garage. We do it all: weight-lifting, circuit training, sports drills, kickball, yoga, running, etc. I'm usually lucky if I can move the next day. But I love not having to decide myself what to do, I love having such a large variety of activities, and I love that I know Sam won't ever let me slack off. The time just seems to fly by, no matter how badly I'm pouring sweat and huffing and puffing!

But sadly, today turned out to be a not-so-good day. Today was "game day" which meant we played a game of some sort. I voted for Frisbee, which I love with a passion. It ended up being Frisbee Football, which I totally suck at. Somewhere between the transition from plain old Frisbee to Frisbee Football, I managed to pull a muscle in my right thigh. At least that's what it feels like. I don't even have any awesome story to go with the injury. It's just a sad little statement of fact. It happened during a sort of running duck walk attempt to snag the Frisbee as it hit the ground a few feet in front of me. How lame! But I did manage to get a touchdown with said injury, although after that it went from a fairly mild "maybe I can just stretch it out" boo-boo to a "holy crap, that hurts!" boo-boo.

I'm now reduced to hobbling around the house. Although "hobbling" implies a level of mobility I'm not quite in possession of at the moment. I'm hoping ibuprofen, BioFreeze, and an ice pack will have me back to normal by tomorrow's evening workout. Renee's got Turbo Jam DVDs and I want to play too!

Anybody got any miracle remedies?


  1. I find that "Icy Hot" works well. And aspirin.

  2. A hot shower or a warm bath.

    You're finally getting better and now you're sore again. Poor you!
    Feel better.

  3. Ibuprofen helps with inflammation better than aspirin or acetominophen but make sure you're ok to take it (some people can't if taking other medicines). Also, it's a bad idea to drink alcohol while taking it -- it taxes liver too much to process it and booze. It's easy to overdo it with over-the-counter painkillers, so be careful.

    Ice for 15 min with your leg elevated -- do this as often as possible throughout the 24 hour period after the injury.

    Also, go light on it at your next workout -- ideally, it might take a couple weeks (tomorrow sounds too soon, but maybe you can concentrate on other muscles). (I'm sure your body will tell you what it needs.)

    One of the best books I ever saw for exercise injury self-help is called "Listen to your pain" and details the various "tests" you can perform (like, "hold your leg like this, if you feel pain here, then your injury is x and you need to do y to feel better.") Not a replacement for a good doc but useful.

    Feel better fast!

  4. Marvin - BioFreeze is sort of like Icy Hot.

    Theresa - Thanks!

    Spleeness - I'm definitely okay with ibuprofen, and I don't drink so I'm okay there. I've been doing some icing, although it's kind of hard to elevate that part of my leg. Does sitting in my recliner with the footrest up count? I did workout today with the TurboJam DVD, but I only did the upper body punches and stuff and didn't do any of the kicks or jumping around. Thanks for all the great advice! I'll have to see if my library has that book.