Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alive and Kickin'

Well, maybe not kicking, exactly.  But I am still alive!  I know I've been a bit slack with the blog this month.  I had only just realized how long it has been since my last post yesterday morning.  Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed.  My mom called yesterday evening to make sure I was okay and that everything was alright because she saw I hadn't updated my blog recently.  (Hi Mom!)  And Marvin commented on my last post that I've been too quiet.  It's nice to see people notice, at least!  :) 

I would blame my slackness on blogger's block, but it's actually mostly just laziness and procrastination.  I've actually got at least 4 post ideas rambling around in my head that I just haven't gotten around to putting out there yet.  I promise I'll have something soon! 

My other excuse is Pogo.com.  This game website is freaking fantastic for those of us with lots of time to kill.   You can play for free or you can pay a monthly or yearly membership fee to access tons and tons of games!  (You get WAY more games if you buy a membership.)  I seem to find a new favorite game every week and am still in love with my other favorites.  Needless to say, I spend way too much time on this site.  You win tokens for playing the games and can win a "jackpot spin" for winning the game.  You can actually win real money!  And they have a daily $50 drawing, a weekly $250 drawing, and a monthly $1000 drawing that you can purchase entry tickets for with all those tokens you won playing the game.  Can you see how the idea of possibly winning real money for free games is irresistable?  (If you bought a membership, any jackpot you win is doubled!)  Of course I haven't actually ever won anything and probably never will, but the IDEA is there and it is technically possible.  Being the daydreamer and wishful thinker that I am, it's easy to imagine winning at least. 

So anyway, I'm still here and haven't given up on my blog.  Hopefully one day soon I can wow you with my masterful grasp of the English language.  Or something.

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  2. Shockwave.com has great stuff too!


  3. Was missing you but usually when I don't see my fave bloggers around, I understand that they're like me, just juggling a lot. Until we can blog in our sleep, everyone's excused for popping in & out when they need to... ;)

  4. Marvin - I know, I should be ashamed. :)

    Jenji - Uhoh! Another website to keep me away from blogging.

    Spleeness - I imagine that will happen a lot during the life of this blog, especially when I eventually find another job. (Assuming anyone will every be HIRING again!)