Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bowling Time!

I went bowling the other day for the first time in about 15 years.  Thankfully, bowling is one game that is fun even when you are terrible at it.  In my opinion, so long as you can keep your bowling ball in your own lane, you're doing just fine.  Then again, there's something to be said for the kind of - uh, enthusiasm - that results in your bowling ball barrelling down the lane next door, right?  (Not that I did that.  I'm just saying is all.  No, really!) 

And you know what was great about this bowling alley? NO SMOKE! It was a non-smoking building and it smelled nice inside. I couldn't get over it. One of the reasons I hadn't bowled in so long is that if it ever crossed my mind to see if anyone wanted to go, I'd change my mind as soon as I remembered that it would be all gross and smoky inside. I must have commented on the lack of cigarette smoke about a dozen times.  It made the whole experience so much nicer to be able to breathe and not go home smelling like some nasty ashtray. 

I went with two friends of mine who go bowling fairly often.  They even have their own bowling balls, bags, and shoes!  Needless to say, they were WAY better than I was.  Although I have the distinct impression that I could practice weekly and still be lucky to get a triple digit score.  :)  But it's just so much fun anyway! We played 3 games and I'm surprised my arm didn't give out on me after hurling that ball down the lane so often.  I was lucky enough to get the only 8 lb ball that had adult-sized finger holes.  I didn't break 100 the first game.  Okay, fine, I didn't even break 70.  I didn't expect to be able to do as well as my friends, but it was a bit sobering to see the two preschoolers in the neighboring lane were doing better than me.  Granted, they got to use the gutter bumpers for most of the game, after one little tyke got his ball stuck in the gutter halfway down the lane. But still. 

My high score was 118.  Out of a possible 300.  Not the best, but at least it was over 100!  I totally expected to wake up the next morning with a very sore forearm, but it felt fine.  My right leg and bum on the otherhand, were so stiff and sore!  That's an awful lot of one-legged squats in 3 games of bowling.  I took my camera with me so I could get pictures for the blog here, but of course I forgot to use it until we were leaving.  Rats!  And not only could I have had some of my own pictures for this post, but they were setting up for a kid's 5th birthday party and a picture of that cake deserved a spot on Cake Wrecks!  It had a blog of something on top that took a few moments to realize was supposed to be a giant bowling ball.  :)  It probably would have taken a bit longer to recognize if we hadn't been in a bowling alley. 

I think if I ever win a bajillion dollars in the lottery, I'm going to have to have my own mini bowling alley in my house.  That would be so much fun! 

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  1. You haven't bowled in fifteen years and got a 118? That's pretty impressive. I hadn't bowled for years, but when we got Wii Bowling, I was a star, getting near 200 each time. Did that translate to actual bowling last May? Sadly, no. I barely broke 70.

  2. I know! Okay, so my first game was a 67. I made up for it with the second game! There is a distinct possibility that I still got to benefit from beginner's luck since it had been such a long time. :)