Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow in Myrtle Beach? Really?

There have been a whole lot of wacky weather events in the past few years.  Myrtle Beach has also had some weird weather this year!  We got SNOW, people.  Not freezing rain, not sleet, not a handful of flurries that melt before hitting the ground - REAL SNOW!!  And it actually stuck to the ground and accumulated!  I must admit I scoffed at The Weather Channel when I woke up that Friday morning (this post is way overdue!) and they were forecasting snow that would accumulate 3 to 5 inches.  Ha!  No way!  But despite my disbelief, I was secretly hoping they were right.  We get snow so extremely rarely around here that it's a great fun novelty.  Even if it doesn't stick, I love to watch the flakes falling.  One of the reasons it's never a big problem is because it usually doesn't stick so it doesn't get in the way of anything, and it never lasts long.  We do always get a surge in car wrecks of course due to the ice on the roads since we don't have salt trucks.  But otherwise getting snow here is awesome. 

I kept checking outside all day, waiting to spot that first barrage of snowflakes.  By late afternoon they were here.  My DH and I went out to Jersey Mike's to pick up some sandwiches for dinner, and as we walked back outside the wind slapped a handful of snowflakes in my face.  Snow is so much softer than rain, isn't it?  It took quite some time for it to start sticking, but I kept going outside like every hour to watch it fall and see it accumulating.  After it started sticking I kept taking pictures, pictures, and more pictures so I could track the progress.  I love how taking pictures with the flash at night makes the falling snowflakes light up.  It's so pretty! 

I cannot believe how much snow we actually got.  I don't remember ever getting anywhere near that much snow in the past decade at least.  I got up early the next morning to see that even more snow had fallen while I slept.  I took a picture of my footprints to kind of get an idea of how deep the snow was.  This is awfully impressive for Myrtle Beach. Half the neighborhood seemed to be out there with me, taking pictures of all the snow.  It's a good thing we all got out there early, because as soon as the sun came up, it quickly started melting.  The snow slid from the trees in little mini avalanches, and by noon almost all the snow was gone.  By the end of the day the only snow left was the few patches in deep shade and the small snowmen built by the neighbors across the street.  Here and gone in a mere 24 hours.  I'm very glad I took so many pictures so I can remind myself of the beauty of all that snow.  That being said, I'm still glad I live somewhere that doesn't get snow often. I can handle a small snow every several years when it quickly gets out of the way.  This way I get to really enjoy and appreciate it all. 


  1. I remember when I was young (I am 44 now) we went to Myrtle Beach for a mini vacation... and it SNOWED there. None of the locals could believe it - same reason, it "never" snows here! But leave it to us to bring snow on our vacation. Pretty pix!

  2. Great pictures. I bet snow is a lot more fun when you don't get it often. I'd much rather look at your pretty pictures than look outside my window and see all the dirty snow we have. I'm sick of it, so sick of it I have been going outside to will it to melt. It hasn't worked yet but I am hopeful.

  3. Jenji - Thanks!

    Katherine - Must have been some tourist who brought the snow again this time. :)

    Jen - I hear you! Our snow never sticks around long enough to get dirty. And that's just fine with me.

    Marvin - Isn't it? If I didn't have the pictures nobody would believe it!