Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

It's bad enough that it's winter and I have to deal with dreary cold days that are short on sunshine.  But this year, with all its big bad storms and extra cold temps is driving me batty.  I almost blew a gasket when I got last month's electric bill.  It was $12 shy of being DOUBLE the month before.  And we'd been out of town for a week!  I'm dreading what it's going to be this month.  Thankfully today is nice and sunny - so far at least.  It would be even better if our house was situated so that some of that sun would actually pour into the windows.  Then I could curl up in front of the window in a nice patch of sunshine like a cat.
So every day I cheer the fact that it is one day closer to spring.  I can't wait to be able to turn off the heat and open all the windows!  To be warm and have all that fresh clean air breezing through the house.  Those days will inevitably feel all too brief and then I'll be whining about the heat and humidity, and how I wish I could step onto my porch without being instantly slicked with sweat.  *sigh*  Oh, to live in Hawaii with its beautiful weather all year round! 

Photo snagged from here.


  1. *sigh*

    Dreams of Hawaii... I needed that. :)

  2. Amen, sister. Yeah, I hate it too that the pleasant weather never lasts long enough. Seems we go from one extreme to another. Hate it!

  3. Spleen - You know where to find me if you need more! I've got enough dreams of Hawaii to supply a not-so-small country. :)

    Kathy - I think I'd have lost my mind loooong ago if I lived where you do. You've got it so much worse than me, but I still hate SC winters. If Florida summers weren't so miserable, I'd probably live there. (Assuming I couldn't afford to live in Hawaii yet!)

  4. Hey, I meant to tell you, your comment form makes a million new browser windows spawn automatically in IE6. There's an HTML error in your template code, I think. FYI.

  5. Marvin - Really? :( How do I fix that?