Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Sub Assignment!

Tomorrow morning is my first assignment as a substitute teacher.  Ack!  I'm nervous but I'm trying really hard to think positive and imagine how well it's going to go.  Thankfully this is at the high school where my DH works, and is in fact in the room right next door.  :)  All 3 classes are Chemistry - NOT a subject I have any fondness or talent for.  Hopefully the students won't need any real help from me.  I'm really glad my first assignment is in a familiar school and on a hall where I know several of the other teachers.  I tend to get all stressed out and anxious about things because I can't seem to help but fret about all the details and what could go wrong.  It will hopefully help to get an assignment under my belt. Wish me luck!

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  1. What grade? Next time I hear from you will be after you've already done it -- how did it go?

  2. Did it go well? Oh, I hope so! How exciting for you!