Thursday, July 15, 2010

World's Smallest Cheese Grater!

I was visiting my parents recently when I found this itty bitty little grater in their kitchen.  I couldn't get over how tiny it was.  For some reason it just really tickled me how small it was.  It looked so useless!  I kept calling it the Barbie Cheese Grater.  After taking pictures of it next to two quarters my mom had lying on her desk, I finally asked Dad why they had such a miniscule grater.  He informed me that it's for spices and garlic and stuff like that. Which of course makes much more sense, but it's just not as fun that way.  We decided that I could always use it to grate those individually packaged snack sticks of cheese - like string cheese!  But of course the best part of eating string cheese is being able to "play" with it.  I love pulling off all those dainty threads of cheese! So if I want one of these adorable graters for my own, I guess I'll just have to start using whole nutmeg like Rachel Ray.  Apple pie, anyone?


  1. That must be for really pungent nasty cheese. ;-)

  2. I've seen these before, but thought they were decoration. Good to know!

    Marvin, there's no such thing as pungent, nasty cheese.

  3. Marvin - That's a thought! If it's pungent nasty cheese you won't want much I guess. :)

    Theresa - I would have thought the same thing. My dad would agree with you about the cheese. He loves the stinky stuff!