Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Hop: What Would You Do If You Were More Brave?

This week's Blog Hop theme is "Ask a Question".  What I want to know is this:

What would you do if you were more brave? 

My inner child is an adventurer.  I always imagine all the fun and daring things I wish I was brave enough to do.  Some of them I eventually work up the nerve to try, others I doubt I'll ever be brave enough to attempt, even if I'm working on my "bucket list"!  I could actually provide this question with a whole list of answers.  But I'll just name two.

Sky diving!  I love the feel of a free-fall.  Walt Disney World's Tower of Terror is one of my favorite rides.  Falling is fun!  It's the landing that sucks. If I ever am brave enough to try this in my lifetime, it will probably only be as a tandem jump.  I don't want to be responsible for pulling the ripcord at the right time or "driving" the thing to the landing spot.  Plus I'm hoping landing would be easier if I were attached to a pro.  I'm not fond of breaking both my legs or bruising my pancreas.  But then I remember that news item I read about how someone was on a tandem dive and the pro had a heart attack and DIED in mid-air!  And even more unnerving?  I just pulled up the article and the instructor is from my hometown!  (Is that a sign?)  This is a bit worse than tossing a kid into the pool to make them learn to swim!

SCUBA diving!  The closest I can get to this is snorkeling. And that took some baby steps to happen too.  I just can't get myself to breathe underwater.  It's not natural!  My husband is always trying to get me to get certified for SCUBA, and I would love to be brave enough to do it.  There are so many beautiful places underwater that I'd love to see!  Seeing it in on TV just isn't the same.  But I get freaked out even imagining it.  Having to worry about all that gear, whether you've got enough oxygen, whether your equipment is working properly or is faulty, whether you're going to get your airline caught on the shipwreck you're diving and DIE, and even something as "simple" as coming up too quickly and getting the bends.

Now it's your turn!  What would YOU do if you were more brave?

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  1. Hello!!

    1. If I were more brave I think I will go bungee jumping.

    2. If I were more brave I will hold a snake. Geez by just thinking about it I feel I am dying already LOL!!

    My entry is up

  2. 1. If I were more brave, I would write the fictional book that spins around in my head each day...the characters, the plot...I think it would be a great book, but I am too chicken to try it.
    2. If I were more brave, I would I would not freak out around spiders! :)

  3. Good Morning and Good Question!

    1. If I were more brave I would start my own business.

    2. If I were more brave I would learn how to repair my own car!!

  4. If I were more wouldn't have anything to do with all.
    I would stand up for what I believe in, even though it has gotten me into hot water. I would confront those pompous bullies and FACS who made me feel like a bad person for advocating for my children..foster or NOT they are my responsiblity.

  5. Good Question =)
    If I were more brave, I would sell most everything [keep pc] =) I have & go back to Arizona for the winter! [I lived there for 10 yrs & really miss my friends!!!]

  6. If I were more brave, I would go oversees and be a missionary for a while or volunteer in an orphanage in China!!! I am with ya on the scuba diving thing!! Just can't do it!! Oh, I would try snow skiing again because I really think I would like it. Nice to see another SC girl:)

  7. If I were more brave, I'd be able to go snorkling with my husband. I have the biggest fear of water (deep over my head water). Someday, I hope to grow out of it!

  8. I am SO not brave! But if I ever got some nerve, I would want to travel to far away places. I do not like flying!

  9. If I were more brave I would just sell our home and move to the islands to live. I would know that we'd be ok financially and I'd live in the most beautiful place I know.

  10. If I were more brave...I wouldn't be afraid of flying and we might get away to visit friends more.