Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boy Scout Fail

I went camping this weekend and there happened to be a Boy Scout troop sharing the campground.  Apparently this group had yet to learn anything about caring for the environment, because one kid was hacking on a live tree with a hatchet!  My husband called the kid over and told him not to do that, and the kid was like, "Oh, uh, okay."  Like it never occurred to him that you shouldn't do that.  Dude!  You're a Boy Scout!  You should know better!  And this troop of Boy Scouts had their campsites set up with enormous, "Holy Crap, I'm Afraid of the Dark!" spotlights.  Whatever happened to roughing it?  Lanterns and flashlights?  Stumbling around the campsite by the light of the campfire is the way to go. 

When I was growing up my little brother was in the Boy Scouts, and his troop was full of wimpy little momma's boys.  They rarely did any REAL outdoors events because the other boys' moms wouldn't let them sleep on the ground or even outside.  Come on!  Sleeping indoors is not camping! Why do you think they call it camping OUT?  And heaven forbid little Johnny sneeze or sniffle.  Then mommy wouldn't allow him to go on the trip at all.  And lest you be confused, this is not a group of small children.  These are teenagers!  What a bunch of pansies.  Needless to say my brother soon lost interest and dropped out.  Our family did more hard-core camping and outdoor adventure type stuff when we were in middle school than this Boy Scout troop did ever.  So sad. And having been coddled the way they were their whole lives, they were also devious little brats.  Scout's Honor my arse. 

Saying "He's such a Boy Scout" takes on a whole new meaning when you've encountered the caliber of Scouts I have.  Where are all the honest, survive-in-the-wild Boy Scouts who fathered the stereotype of Scouts being a goody-two-shoes? 'Cause I'm just not seeing it.

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