Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy, Fun Fun Fun Fun FUN!

I was Tigger-ish on Saturday! The high school where my husband teaches had a fall festival this weekend, and they had one of those Bungee Trampolines there for lots of bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun! They often have these things in the middle of the mall, but I've never tried one before.  I certainly would never have tried one there with a bajillion people watching!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm adventurous ON THE INSIDE, but the outside part of me is a big fat weenie.  And since the outside part of me is much bigger, it usually wins!

So today I was watching all the kids and teens playing on the bungee trampoline and thinking how much fun it looked.  Then later that morning my husband hands me some tickets and tells me he bought them so I can do the bungee thing.  Crap!  Now I can't get out of it.  He smartly didn't ASK me if I wanted to jump, since he knew I'd be too chicken.  Bok-bok!  Thankfully one of his co-workers, Lynn, also wanted to jump and didn't want to do it by herself, so I at least had some moral support. Two cowards equals one almost-brave person, right?

I have to say, it was JUST as scary as I thought it would be. And also, it is NOT as easy as it looks! You'd think having all those bungee cords to pull you up would make it easier to jump, but it doesn't.  And all those people who do the flips and fancy stuff?  Not me.  I tried to do a backflip and it just wasn't happening.  Some of it (okay, most of it) was probably because I was a scaredy-cat and being so high up didn't exactly make me feel any more daring.  I was clinging to those bungee cords for dear life!
This thing is a workout too!  Either that or I'm just super-duper wimpy and out of shape.  Even my arms were tired.  (Probably from the bungee-grasping.)  But I was brave enough to do the Bungee Trampoline for a SECOND TIME!  (Again because someone bought me tickets. Heehee!  Thanks Lynn!)  The second try wasn't any easier, and neither of us ever did get the hang of the flips.  Oh well.  We both decided we'd get in better shape and work on some strength training so we can master the Bungee Trampoline next year! Even if it IS scary and harder than it looks, and even though I couldn't do a flip, it was still a lot of fun. 

Bungee Trampoline: So Fun, It Makes Your Clothes Fall Off!

Safe and sound on solid ground:
Me and my new Bungee Buddy, Lynn:

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