Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dude, Where's My Counter?

My visitor counter has been kidnapped!  I noticed the other day that it wasn't showing at the bottom of my blog, and thought at first that it was just not loading properly or something.  But now it's been a few days and it still isn't showing.  The HTML is still sitting pretty on my layout page, but there's no sign of it anywhere else.  I'm pretty bummed.  Does this mean I have to install a new one and start over with my count?  I was so excited to have finally had over 2,000 visitors.  That probably sounds like peanuts to most of you, but I've only been blogging since November and I had assumed it would be a year or so before I had that many visitors.  I don't even care if those visitors were repeats.  It still counts! 

So has this happened to anyone else before?  Any ideas on how to get my counter back?  I miss it.  :(


  1. No idea, but should you ever figure it out let me know, because I can't seem to figure out how to even get one.

    Please, and thank you.

  2. No, but I would imagine Googling it might produce some results for you to read up on. That's what I always do. And I have no idea if my counter is working or not. I just don't know what the stat really "means" to me, so I don't often look at it.

  3. Jessica - You can do a search for "blog counter" or something similar and pick and choose whichever one you want. I use a free one, but there are apparently ones that cost money too.

    Pop and Ice - It happened to pop back up again on its own, though the count restarted. Who knows what happened!