Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Junk Drawer Prizes Are Here!

I recently won a contest held by Kathy on her blog, The Junk Drawer.   The prize was to be a coveted Junk Drawer magnet and a mystery eyeball prize.  That's right my friends!  An EYEBALL prize.  And it's not even Halloween!  What could it be, I wondered?  I've been in suspense for days!  Because let's be honest.  Other than this, what could it have possibly been? (A lot actually, as I found out when searching for that link!)  So I was pretty excited to see a package in my mailbox and to know that the time had finally arrived to appease my curiosity.  If I'd been thinking properly, I would have taken my camera with me as I walked to the mailbox station so I could snap a shot of the package in my box.  (I keep saying that I need to start toting that camera around with me ALL THE TIME, but I've yet to actually do so.  Another photo op lost!) 

Here is a picture of my prize package:

I know, right?!  EYEBALL BANDAGES!  Hot diggity!  And my prize even came with its own prize!  A puffy eyeball sticker.  It's two, two, two prizes in one!  I've already had lots of fun playing with these things.  Proof:

I've always wanted a Third Eye!

Are you eyeballin' me?

Just in case having an eyeball on your hand can be made into some kind of SuperPower, I'm all set.

And now I'm totally prepared for teaching.  Because of Kathy and her awesome prize, I now have eyes in the back of my head! Here's looking at you, kid. 

Thank you Kathy for hosting this contest and providing such fun and silly prizes!  I will definitely enjoy my eyeballs.


  1. People actually win things? That's pretty freakin cool and I mean Freakin

  2. I'm laughing my head off! I was going to say I wished I'd gotten you those eyeball glasses, but then look how fun you made the bandages! You're too funny!

    And, yes, you must always bring a camera anywhere you go. It's in the Blogger's Manual, page 7.

  3. Oh, man, I'm so jealous!


    Those are the coolest things ever. Oh, and the magnet is pretty sweet too.

    But the EYEBALLS rule.


  4. Paul - Yes, we DO!

    Kathy - Oh, these bandages are way cooler than those glasses. These are fun AND practical! I used to keep a box of Pooh and Friends bandages in my desk at work. Oh, and I had The Lion King too!

    JD - You totally should be. These bandages are awesome. I'm almost tempted to accidentally-on-purpose cut myself so I can use one.

  5. I could use a couple of those "back of the head" eyeballs in class sometimes!!