Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Quick Laugh

I've spent much of my afternoon online reading blogs and landing from one website to the next.  I found this gem of a video linked on Yahoo!'s front page and thought it should be shared.

I love when the cat is peeking inside the trashcan as she (he?) travels around the house on that Roomba.  Very cute.  :)


  1. That cat definitely runs THAT house! What a crack up.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (via Nanny Goats). It's nice to meet you! I'll be back again soon to visit.


  2. I love how dogs don't ever seem to learn that a swat in the face means NO! You're right. The garbage can inspection was hysterical.

  3. HA! The poor dog. He's just curious as to why the cat is riding around on a weird disk-like object. My cat would love sitting on a Roomba, as long as it wasn't moving. Once it started up, he'd flee in terror.