Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Carol, Version 574

I'm all for holiday movies. I love them!  A Christmas Carol is one of my favorites.  But holy mackeral, how many versions of this have been made?  I'm currently watching (for the second time, if not third) the musical version starring Kelsey Grammar as Scrooge.  It's also got Jane Krakowski, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Jesse L Martin (Detective Green!  I didn't know you could sing and dance!).  I like this version, but I think my favorite will always be Mickey's Christmas Carol since that's the version I watched every year as a kid. 

I bought the DVD this month, so now I can watch it whenever I want and with no commercials!  There is
also an amusing version starring Vanessa Williams called a Diva's Christmas Carol.  And did you know Patrick Stewart has starred in a version too?  I believe I actually saw that one once. I wish I could see it again. I'm sad to say I've never seen the original movie with Alastair Sim.  So sad!  I need to see that one. For that matter I've never read the book either.  And you know what else I've never seen?  It's a Wonderful Life.  How can I have never seen this movie?!  I must remedy this situation one day.  Anybody got a DVD or VHS I can borrow?  :) 


  1. Our favorite version is the Alistair Sim one from 1951. That's the best, in our humble opinion. In my wife's opinion, really. I don't care. ;-)

    We both loved "Scrooged," though, with Bill Murray. The scene where Carol Kane as the Ghost of Christmas Present whacks him with a toaster is hilarious. And of course Bobcat Goldthwaite is a scream.

    Set your DVR to tape the thousand showings of "IAWL" that are going to be on in the next week and a half. I personally don't like the movie that much. But the whole idea of when you hear a bell, an angel gets his wings, that's part of the movie.

  2. Marvin, I completely forgot about Scrooged! I don't think it's playing this year - at least not that I've seen. Sadly, I don't have digital cable or DVR, so I have to catch it when it's on or rent/borrow it. I'm going to have to start expanding my DVD library!

  3. I'll forgive for not seeing It's A Wonderful Life, if you'll forgive me for only seeing 3 of the 347 versions of A Christmas Carol. Kelsey Grammar? Really?