Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Waianapanapa Beach State Park (Maui, Hawaii)

My favorite place on earth!


  1. So beautiful it looks Photoshopped! And how on earth do you pronounce the name of that place?

  2. CatLady - It sure is!

    Kathy - It's not as hard as it looks. WHY-uh-NAP-uh-NAP-uh (think Napa Valley). My photography skills are pretty crappy, so you can imagine how beautiful this place REALLY is!

  3. Why a napa napa? Because I'm tired! Get it? I made a funny.

  4. Kathy, and now you'll never forget how to pronounce Waianapanapa again! Next week we'll practice pronouncing the name of Hawaii's state fish: Humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Don't worry, it's only 12 syllables. :)

  5. We just canceled our March trip to Maui. That sound you hear is me kicking myself.

  6. Wendi - I would die a little inside (or maybe a lot) if I had to cancel a trip to Maui. I've only ever been twice, but Hawaii is my major passion and DH and I would love to live there one day. It feels like home.

    Marvin - Thanks! The picture on my page under my profile pic is also from the park.

  7. Wow, what a pretty picture; pretty colours. But I'm just as glad to be where I am and not near all that deep water!
    Sara Cat

    Anna did a nice WW yesterday. If you want to look at it you can visit her blog at:
    Otherwise, I'll be blogging again today and tomorrow at:

  8. Don't worry, Sara Katt. I'm sure you could enjoy the view from well above the water and stay nice and dry. I like your neighbor's pretty yellow house! Thanks for sharing the link.