Friday, December 18, 2009

Dream Day Friday

So I was thinking that Fridays would be a great day to post about all my daydreams and mental hijinks.  I've got quite an imagination and can easily get carried away.  A simple "Gee, I wish..." always turns into some monster-sized fantasy world as my imagination takes hold and the wish grows. The way I see it is, if I'm already dreaming, I may as well dream BIG! I thought I could make Fridays my day to post my little fantasies on my blog.  And then of course I started imagining the things I would write, and then thought that maybe other people would want to participate too and then we could have a Fantasy Friday meme!  But I hate to name things something that everyone else is already using.  I have ideas sometimes and then find out someone else already had the idea and I'm not as creative as I thought I was.  Boo.  So I did a search for Fantasy Friday and there were a few things that came up although the topic is not the same as mine.  I tried a search for Friday Fantasy as well.  And let me just say, I will not be using either of those!  Turns out some of the people using those phrases take the word "fantasy" at it's perverted best.  Yikes!  I certainly don't want to be associated with that. So I think I'll just go with Dream Day Friday. 

Sometimes I just daydream about small things that may actually happen one day, and other times huge fantastical things that will never happen and aren't even possible.  So stay tuned starting next Friday to hear some of my mental daydream ramblings.  Feel free to follow suit and post some of your own favorite daydreams!

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