Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remove Treadmill - Insert Christmas Tree. (Some Assembly Required.)

So I finally got around to getting my Christmas Tree up today.  Wheee!  I'd have had it up earlier this week, but I had to move my treadmill into another room.  Last year DH and I went to Hawaii in December, so we didn't bother to decorate for Christmas, and I didn't need to move the treadmill until this year.  To be honest, I've been meaning to move it for MONTHS now, but I was too lazy.  And of course it was a HUGE ordeal to get it moved.  It's a Sole F80 Treadmill and I love it.  It folds up to save space, and has wheels so you can roll it.  But it weighs a bajillion pounds and only rolls on hard floors - it just sinks into deep carpet and takes too much effort to try to move.  But either way, I wanted to put it in my spare room (office/craft room/storage room/exercise room) and finally had enough incentive to get it moved.  But of course it had to be difficult.  It was too wide to get through the door so we had to take it apart.  Then we realize the deck is still too wide to get through the door without picking it up and turning it on its side.  Have I mentioned that it is quite a heavy machine?  Luckily I know two very strong burly-type people who always seem to get called upon to help people move.  There was no way DH and I were going to be able to move it by ourselves!  So my friend Sam and his nephew Thomas came over to help my DH and between the three of them, they were finally able to wrangle it into the spare room.  It was no help that it was nearly impossible to turn it onto its side without the deck folding up.  Luckily I was able to help by coming up with the idea to use ratchet straps to hold the deck down so it wouldn't keep sliding up.  See, I'm not entirely useless.  :) 
So now I finally have the treadmill in my "exercise" room.  (Maybe I'll actually use it now!)  AND I finally have my Christmas tree up.  It's so pretty!  I love Christmas decorations.  All the pretty, sparkley lights and shiny ornaments...  I'm so glad to finally have them up that I'm not even upset that I have a few big scratches and one gouge in my floors now.  They were covered up fairly well with my trusty Crayola crayons.  If you've ever got scratches in your wood or laminate floors or your wood furniture, don't bother buying those wax pencils to cover the scratches.  Crayola works just as well! 


  1. Take it apart?! I would have given up right then and there and picked a different place for the tree. Or as we do it in our household, no tree at all. Sad, isn't it?

    Well, the good news is you clearly got a workout in, so you didn't have to use the treadmill that day!

  2. Kathy - The choice would have had to be to not have a tree. Unless we got rid of either the couch or the recliner! And yep, I used that same excuse not to exercise. But now I'm going to feel guilty for not using it now that there are no real excuses. Oops!

  3. You get more exercise from MOVING the equipment than from the equipment itself.

  4. Marvin - Except when you enlist friends to move it for you. :) I wonder how many calories I burned while watching them move it?